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LGBTQ+ Representation


Representation matters. I have written about this before when it was about representation of race in the media, but representation of different sexualities is also very important. I have always noticed the lack of good representation of any sexuality that are not heterosexual, but after watching an episode of “The 100” on CW, this last Thursday, I saw a common trope being used that truly upset the LGBTQ+ community. If you are not caught up to the current episode of season 3 of “The 100″ I suggest you don’t read this because it contains spoilers. Continue reading LGBTQ+ Representation


Do we need “Black Lives Matter”?


I know race is a taboo topic in America, but because it is something that I have to deal with every day I feel the need to talk about it. It seems like forever ago the Black Lives Matter became this big movement that spoke up about the injustices in the U.S., but it was only just last year Continue reading Do we need “Black Lives Matter”?

Appropriate or Not: A Lesson in Culture Appropriation

Its almost October, which means it is about that time when everyone is trying to figure out what they are going to be for Halloween. This is time to dress up in a silly costume and get candy or depending on your age then you will go to parties. Everyone loves to have an outrageous funny outfit that makes everyone laugh. I think that is a big part of the holiday, but a lot of the time the “funny or cool” costume isn’t really funny or cool at all. Continue reading Appropriate or Not: A Lesson in Culture Appropriation


FullSizeRender    This week September 20-26 is Bisexual Awareness week this is a time to truly learn what this very erased sexuality is, to be open minded and end the beliefs of the myths and misconceptions that society might have.

Bisexuality is the sexual attraction to two or more genders. (This could be overlapping to Pansexuality, the sexual attraction to all genders not just the binary male and female) This does not always mean just male and female attraction and it definitely doesn’t mean they are attracted to every man or woman they see. Continue reading Bisexuality

Spark a Change


Once again this week, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram have been flooded with outrage, frustration and sadness, over the non indictment of the officer who killed Eric Garner. This was the second case we heard gain national attention within the past couple weeks that did not indict a police officer who had killed someone. But this outrage seemed different from any of the other recent cases. People were upset for Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, but when we were hit with the Michael Brown case, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Continue reading Spark a Change

Finding Inspiration

The other day I found out that Maya Angelou died. And like always when a well-known figure or celebrity dies there is an uproar on twitter and Instagram for the whole day until everyone forgets about it. But for Maya Angelou I believe it is different. I don’t think it was fake condolences I think she truly made an impact on the world while she was living, so her death was a celebration of her life and not a mourning. Continue reading Finding Inspiration