FullSizeRender    This week September 20-26 is Bisexual Awareness week this is a time to truly learn what this very erased sexuality is, to be open minded and end the beliefs of the myths and misconceptions that society might have.

Bisexuality is the sexual attraction to two or more genders. (This could be overlapping to Pansexuality, the sexual attraction to all genders not just the binary male and female) This does not always mean just male and female attraction and it definitely doesn’t mean they are attracted to every man or woman they see. Just like any other sexuality you might have a type, standards or things they look for in a partner. The only difference between bisexuality and hetero or homosexuality is that they are sexually attracted to more than one gender.

Because some people can’t wrap their minds around liking boys and girls equally bi eraser happens. Bi eraser is the act of ignoring or invalidating bisexuality. This could be erasing someone’s past history based on their current partners. (No matter their current partner’s gender bisexual people will always be bisexual.) Bi eraser could also be believing that identifying as bisexual is automatically a transition stage to becoming gay. (Some people may use it when they are discovering their sexuality and then change, but it does not invalidate the people who actually identify with it.) Another big misconception is that bisexual people are greedy or slutty because they have “more options”. Because of this stereotype some of the gay community will be hesitant to form relationships with them as well as many heterosexual females that automatically label a bi man who has had relations with a man as gay or the rest of society over sexualizing bi women. (You see this in movies where the bi girls are only used in threesomes or for a heterosexual man’s pleasure.)

Bisexual awareness weeks like this give bisexuality more exposure and awareness. It helps stop romanticizing or shaming and makes the sexuality normal and common. Famous people like Evan Rachael Wood (actress), Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and the Furious Franchise), Josephine Baker (actress, singer, and dancer), Billie Joel Armstrong (Green Day) show that bisexual people do exist and should be validated. (Hell, even Hercules had male lovers)

I hope all the Bisexy people out there feel validated and visible in every community especially the LGBT community starting today. Happy Bi Visibility Day!



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