Last month I was on Tumblr and I saw a post about meninism, where some men have expressed their anger claiming that they do not have equal rights to women in our society, and believe that they are oppressed. I would believe this if the group was made up of men of color, gay men, trans men or disabled men, but when I looked further into the group, I saw nothing but straight, white, cis (identify with their biological sex) males. At first I thought it was just a joke, but then I saw that they also have sweatshirts, a Twitter and a Tumblr account. So I further investigated the validity of this movement and I still couldn’t find the words to express how I felt about this new “word”. I put that in quotes because meninism is still not recognized in my word document as I am typing this. I realized that meninism was created based off the pure hatred for the ideals and people that identify as a Feminist.

When I say I am a feminist people usually get nervous, uncomfortable or upset. I know it is because they truly do not know what the definition is. Feminism is the political, economic and social equality for all genders. As a feminist I am fighting for all genders to get equal rights and have the same respect in our society dealing with rape culture, domestic violence and people’s sexuality.

For me feminism is not just geared toward women, its an attempt to help women, men, agender (someone who does not identify as male or female) and genderqueer (Someone who can be a mixture of genders throughout their life or is genderfluid) people. To make feminism or meninism about one gender you are excluding everyone else that does not fit into that binary system. If we haven’t even recognized that there are more than two genders, than we definitely do not have equal rights for all genders.

What meninist believe they are fighting for.

This meninism movement, is specifically looking for rights for men. In this process, they are trying to dismantle feminism by making it seem ridiculous that people are fighting for equality. With this “parody” of feminism it is just showing how little people know about feminism. If meninist had some reasonable things they were fighting for without bringing down everyone else in the process, maybe people could take this seriously. But because they are only asking for someone to pay for their dates, not be looked at for their body, to get into night clubs and get free drinks, and to have more male emoji’s all this movement is doing is mocking rape, domestic violence, abortion, and women’s sexuality. (seen in the Buzzfeed link below)

This Buzzfeed article shows all the things on twitter under the #Meninist or #Meninism and how its actually promoting violence and humiliation towards women.

I think the only thing good that came out of meninism is that people are now hearing the true definition of feminism. Maybe feminism can stop being such a taboo word and some new positive changes will actually happen for all genders.

Meninist Make Up tutorial by NerdyandQuirky on YouTube. This video is a satire and shows how ridiculous this meninist movement is.


2 thoughts on “Meninism?”

  1. A few things. First, I’m The Argumentalist. Second, you won’t like what I have to say.

    Seeing as you’re a feminist (something that should’ve died when you got your equal rights), you’ll more than likely be offended by this post, but seeing as you’re too sexist to understand your own arrogance, I figured I’d let you have a piece.

    For starters, cisgendered is a term created by you feminists to identify someone that doesn’t need to be identified. It’s entirely meaningless. Moreover, “a gendered” doesn’t make sense. Why? You’re born a man, or a woman. You cannot choose your gender. That’s not how it works. You can have surgery after surgery, and inject yourself with testosterone, but at the end of the day, you’re still going to be a woman, and vice versa.

    The reason “meninists” exist, is because of entitled women such as yourself. You feel like men owe you something, when we don’t. Women have equal rights, equal pay, and discriminating against women is illegal. So, why are you still around? What’s your goal?

    Traditional feminism, which sought equal rights for women, was a great movement that accomplished something. However, what’s with the third wave of feminism? There’s no need for it. In fact, it clearly shows that your goal isn’t for equal rights, but rather to continue the battle. The battle is created by you, and continues because of you. If you had stuck to your goal of equal rights, you wouldn’t be around today.

    Whenever I meet a feminist, I laugh in her face, tell her she’s useless, and carry on with my day. Why? Because it’s the truth. The whole premise of feminism is that women are somehow perceived as inferior to men. The only people talking about that, are in fact feminists. Which in turn means that the only people putting down women, are infact women themselves.

    I could go on for days, but because I have a job, I must get going.

    Feel free to check out my blog for my post on why you feminists have no right to bitch and complain.

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