Finding Inspiration

The other day I found out that Maya Angelou died. And like always when a well-known figure or celebrity dies there is an uproar on twitter and Instagram for the whole day until everyone forgets about it. But for Maya Angelou I believe it is different. I don’t think it was fake condolences I think she truly made an impact on the world while she was living, so her death was a celebration of her life and not a mourning.

Maya Angelou is known for her spiritual and inspirational words and thoughts that she shared throughout her 86 years of living. She was a phenomenal woman with profound quotes that live on in people’s lives even after she has left this world.

When looking at Maya Angelou’s life she spoke and advocated about social issues and wanted to fix the problems in the world. In this process she empowered both women and men alike and taught them to take a hold of their life and make a difference. But at what point in her life did her thoughts become inspiration?

There are things in this world where I want change but I think to make a huge difference you need to form your passion into articulate words to get people to listen.

I truly want to know what makes words and thoughts resonate in people’s life and when do ordinary words turn into powerful and inspirational quotes? I guess, I will have to keep writing and being inspired by people like Maya Angelou and maybe long after I am gone from this Earth people can be inspired by my words. But for right now I can make change in my life and maybe it will slowly trickle into the lives around me.


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